Tune of Juveniles: DU Diplomatic Conclave 2022

With the participation of 150 enthusiastic delegates, the Dhaka University Diplomatic Conclave 2022 has taken place in the faculty Of Social Science from 7-8 January.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Revitalising Economic Development through Ecological Modernization in post Covid Era”. There were four committees in this intra-university MUN conference. The committees were: 1.Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN), 2.United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), 3.United Nations Environment programme (UNEP), 4. United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The agendas of those Committees were : ECOFIN: “Utilizing Natural Resources in Developing and Least Developed Countries for Reducing Post-Covid Economic Gap”. UNHCR: “Formulating Collaborative Action Plans to Protect the Rights of Internally Displaced People”. UNEP: “Preventing Exploitation of the Environment in Armed Conflict and War”. UNDP: “Accelerating the Development and Use of Eco-friendly Technologies to Safeguard Natural Biodiversity”.

By participating in the conference represented the students of this prestigious institutions learnt about different countries, discussed on the protection of the rights of internally displaced people, development of eco-friendly technologies and their usage, utilization of natural resources for reducing economic gap and preventing exploitation in armed conflict and war etc. and tried to come up with tentative and potential solutions.

N.B. Dhaka university Model United Nation Association’s 11th birthday has been celebrated by cutting the cake in it’s cultural program.

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