About us

Dhaka University Model United Nations Association is first of its kind in Bangladesh.
DUMUNA works for the intellectual and creative development of Dhaka University students under the concept of United Nations assemblies.

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

Sun Tzu



With the motto “ United We Work, United We Achieve”


The Very First session of DUNMUN. With the theme “Towards Global Partnership for sustainability”


With the theme “Uphold humanity, Attain Peace” 


Third session of DUNMUN arranged by DUMUNA


With the theme of “ Destination 2030 : Treasuring the present for shaping the future”

DU Diplomatic Conclave 2016

First Session of DU Intra MUN Conference ,  DU Diplomatic Conclave


With the theme “Embarking SDG implementation for Peaceful Coexistence”

DU Diplomatic Conclave 2017

Second Session of DU Intra MUN Conference,  DU Diplomatic Conclave


With the theme “Towards Global Amity: cooperation for inclusive future”


With the theme “ Sustainable growth through strengthening economic security”

DU Diplomatic Conclave 2019

With the theme of “ Encouraging Sustainable Innovations For Eco Friendly Industrialization”


With the theme “ Reducing global inequalities by bolstering trade development”


DUMUNA believes in building up the leadership quality in students for the betterment of the country. Our aim is to prepare the students of University of Dhaka as future diplomats and policymakers by skill development through Model United Nations practice, informing them of the mode of operations in United Nations.


DUMUNA aims to popularize the concept of Model United Nations as an academic simulation of the United Nations in Bangladesh, which can provide a platform of generating knowledge and solving real-world problems. We envision DUNMUN as one of the most prestigious MUN conferences of the world.


DUMUNA looks forward to a world without poverty, without inequality, without discrimination, and without violence. We believe a promising future lies ahead in the hands of the youth, who can bring about radical changes. Our focus is to inspire the youth of Bangladesh to join that move forward and prepare them to be global citizens.



What we do to promote diplomacy, negotiation, and public speaking


Dhaka University National Model United Nations (DUNMUN) is the signature event of DUMUNA that takes place at our university campus, usually at the end of every year. The three to four days conference has already set a benchmark in Bangladesh and also in South-East Asia. More than 500 students from around the world participate in it to enhance their leadership and diplomatic skills by debating, discussing, negotiating and developing solutions to the agendas of different committees. From 2012, we’ve been successfully and proudly hosting DUNMUN and aspire to do so in the future as well.


DU Diplomatic Conclave

Every year, we arrange a two-day long intra MUN- ‘Diplomatic Conclave’ in Dhaka University premises. This particular event is arranged for the students of Dhaka University only. By participating, they not only understand the procedures and structure of an MUN but also develop diplomatic and leadership skills, get ideas of international politics through solving given agendas. After two days of brainstorming, an award ceremony and a formal closure take place.


Every year, we send our delegation team to numerous national and international conferences from where delegates return with impeccable achievements, knowledge and learnings. Before sending delegations, delegates are trained and taught different perspectives of agendas and several mock sessions are organized to make them more confident.


Workshop and Training

DUMUNA works for the intellectual and creative development of Dhaka University students under the perception of United Nations assemblies. So, every year we arrange multiple workshops for the general members to develop their skills on public speaking, negotiations, analytical abilities, in-depth researches, presentations, communication skills, teamwork skills and many more and many of these workshops are open for all. When workshop ends, there are assessments and mock sessions so that the participants can apply their learnings.

Mock Sessions

Throughout the year and especially after recruiting new members, we arrange multiple mock MUN sessions for educating our new members about MUN and its strategies practically by providing them a real MUN environment. It helps our members to get used to with MUN sessions and to alleviate their hesitations and nervousness.


Study Circle

We organize Study Circle for our members regularly to give them an opportunity to sharpen their knowledge on global affairs and events that are taking place in the world right now. The study circles are conducted by our senior members who possess a vast knowledge about international affairs. These particular sessions help our members to excel in their MUN career and to develop their general knowledge as well.


For the first time in the history of MUN, in 2020, we organized an online MUN workshop which is known as Fundamentals of MUN. The workshop was organized for those MUN enthusiasts who want to learn and develop their MUN skills to excel in their MUN career. It was a five-day long workshop focusing on different topics of MUN and with an evaluation test. All individuals who obtained minimum marks in the evaluation test received a certificate. In these five days, participants learned about the history of MUN, different MUN strategies, strategies to do well in MUN and many more.


Questions to Ask?

Every Year around February, DUMUNA calls for general members and students of University of Dhaka of first and second year who can apply by filling online or offline forms. After going through the forms, DUMUNA calls the participants for viva voce and the students who are selected can become general members.

DUMUNA can help improve public speaking skills, leadership and group working skills, diplomacy and negotiation skills and help find out other potentials for personal extracurricular improvement.

Dhaka University National Model United Nations, DUNMUN is the most prestigious International MUN conference in the country that is hosted by DUMUNA every year.

Students can participate in DUNMUN as regular delegates, campus envoys and Executive Board Members through applying online and offline at a given schedule before every DUNMUN event by links provided by DUMUNA.

DUMUNA has been organizing International and Inter-Institution MUN conference, DUNMUN every year since 2012 and Intra University MUN conference DU Diplomatic Conclave since 2016. DUMUNA also organizes mock MUN sessions and study circles for members and member recruitment and reception programs.

DUMUNA, Dhaka University Model United Nations Association is a student organization from University of Dhaka working   mainly on MUN related issues and DUNMUN, Dhaka University National Model United Nations is an International MUN conference that is organized by DUMUNA.