Dhaka University National Model United Nations (DUNMUN) is the largest and most prestigious Model United Nations conference in South East Asia held at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA) organizes DUNMUN every year since 2012 by maintaining its brilliance and pride. More than 500 students from various nations take part in this conference to discuss, debate, and consult the world’s most pressing as well as intricate issues and integrate solutions to them.  The ultimate goal of hosting DUNMUN is to settle a solution-oriented discussion of globally important issues where youths could play an engaging role.

A Look Into DUNMUN


Every MUN conference starts with a session called ‘Opening Plenary’ where the Plenary President calls the meeting to order by tapping his/her gavel. The plenary session is basically a resemblance of the actual General Assembly of the United Nations where all the committees of the conference assemble in the session. The Rules of Procedure (RoP) of the conference are also announced in the opening plenary.


The committee sessions are the platform where the delegates of several committees discuss, debate and negotiate among themselves in their individual committees and after two or three days of uphill battle and tenacity, finally they draft solutions according to the discrete agenda. DUNMUN usually hosts more than 10 committees with two to four executive board members and more than 50+ delegates assigned to each of the committees according to the particular theme every year.


Every MUN conference has a cultural program which normally happens after the end of the second day committee sessions. Each conference’s cultural program has their own unique name and ‘Global Village’ is the name of DUNMUN’s Cultural program. The name itself reflects the motto of this program about the miscellany of the conference.


The whole three/four daylong-conference ends with the closing plenary and the recognition of the hard work of the participants, executive board members, guests and the whole secretariat team of the conference are given. However, the principal and the final part of the closing process is the concluding statement by the Secretary General. He/she attempts to put a light as positive as possible on what has transpired by drawing attention to the real achievements of the conference and to the possibilities that it has opened for the future.


DUNMUN finally closes the curtain with the formal yet a very succulent gala dinner. The dinner is not only the perfect rejuvenation from strenuous committee hours throughout the whole conference, but also a showcase of sheer elegance and grace that brings the perfect closure to the conference.